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"We would like to express our enormous gratitude to Miss Jacqueline McGarva and her team; Life Coach, Miss Adelyn Andersen (Aperian Global) who introduced us to this amazing and passionate place. True to their words:

*** A learning centre with a Heart !! ***

The two months in the centre will be a priceless memory for Benedikt. Your devoted and skilled team has nurtured and prepared him for the next challenge in life.

We want to thank you from the bottom of our heart." - Mr Giebel

"When our son came to Cascade Learning, he only had knowledge of some words in English and could do very basic communication in English. After half a year in Cascade he is now able to speak in English about any subject a 5-6 year old boy could talk about. He also gained reading skills and is now able to read books in English up to level 2. It was not an easy process for 5 year old to adjust to an English speaking environment but teachers in Cascade were very helpful in making our son comfortable in a new environment, helping him adapt and making sure that he enjoyed his time learning and playing.
Our son is looking forward to return to Cascade during our next trip to Dubai." - Dzmitri

"Cascade Learning Centre is a warm and nurturing environment where learning is fun. The teachers & staff are beyond wonderful and have our son's best interests at heart. We have seen our son blossom from someone with no confidence in himself or his abilities into a motivated & confident boy who is eager to learn. We cannot thank you all enough." - Chrissy

"I like going to Cascade because there you will meet Miss Jacquie. She is a wonderful person who believes in us. Every time we are struggling in something she explains it to us. Miss Jacquie always encourages us. When I first came to Dubai I didn't know any English but Cascade taught me everything. She is funny and sometimes serious and she always believes in us. Everyone should go to Cascade to have fun and to work." - Asma, Grade 5

"My two children (aged 5 and 6) have attended Cascade over the past two years (2015 and 2016) during various school holidays throughout the year. Cascade offers a unique combination of educational learning (Maths and English) blended with sporting, craft and baking activities which really differentiates them from other camps. As a parent that puts our children's education at the forefront of my mind it is reassuring to know that their education development continues outside of traditional school. In addition it has given them an opportunity to interact with children older than then on a daily basis which they would not do in their school classroom setting. I have found that the summer camp gives both my children a good head start at the beginning of the school year and the continual learning has aided their progression with Maths and English resulting in both their above expectation grades in these subjects at school. The team are very amiable, caring and highly professional and the fact that my children love going there says it all. I highly recommend Cascade and have already pre-booked for December 2016". - Natasha

"My name is Alya. This is my second year at Cascade Learning Centre. Being here has been a great experience for me and I have learned alot. Before joining Cascade I had many difficulties in English and Math. Miss Jacquie has made this place amazing. Miss Jacquie tells everyone that the key to learning new words is reading. I would just like to say, if you want success then don't wish for it, work for it." Alya, Year 5 

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