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The time for change in education is now!

In our Fast paced, "want it instantly" world we live in today, there is an impatience to let life roll with its flow, to experience being in the present and understanding the true value of a strong community.

All of us know the benefit of good health and slowing down. Remember those childhood holidays, your treasured ones that involved plenty of down time, play time and activities with your close knit community. It was a time spent learning about yourself, your frustrations, your boundaries; a mix of everything rolled into one. Somehow the smorgasbord of all these elements felt balanced and right, the perfect recipe for a great holiday.

Then we return to our normal life and hard as we may, we try to bring this experience back into our everyday lives, which lasted all of about 1 week tops! Why is this?

Why is it that what we know is good for us and makes us feel great, we turn a blind eye too, all in the name of what believe are societies expectations. It is a feeling of needing to have our place cemented in what resemblance we have of a community.

But as an expat, is this really what we consider a community? If we look at the definition of a community, it means, ”A group of people who share something in common and the strength of the connections amongst them. It’s individuals who are alike in some way and feel connected with a sense of belonging.”

At Cascades we want to take this further and help the community thrive by using their resources, connections and strengths.

These attributes can then be used to help children and adults to develop a future hub that builds children's belief in themselves and their own independence, to trust their community where they can feel a part of something that is inspirational!

Once the children feel grounded they can take these new skills further and improve the quality of the world, making a real impact that is purposeful and rewarding to everyone.

Currently Cascades offers the following programmes:

  • Morning Enrichment Programme

  • Maths/ English Skills

  • Homeschooling support- Interhigh, a UK accredited online learning platform

  • After School Club

  • Summer Camp

Cascade is enriching the child learning experience further through our main hub, our engine room which is driven by our moral ethic code, symbolized below:

Community- Active application of what it is to be part of a resourceful community.

Holistic Growth- This involves all ages in our mission to grow organically from the grassroots

Ambition - to be our best selfs

Meaning- to be greater than ourselves

Purpose- to make real change in this world

Let our community be that platform your children need to believe, achieve and succeed in whatever it is that lets their hearts sing.

Cascade Learning can be a guiding light and space to keep them engaged and learning in an active community so that they become positive forces of good in this world.

We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into our community.

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