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Lets get moving...

After experiencing a year in a global pandemic, all of us have had to adjust to the new normal.

This has meant working from home for a lot of us, being less active and generally more protective of socializing or engaging due to country rules in place or just wanting to maintain a general sense of safety.

As most of us start to resume business in a more progressive way, it's important to also start to help our children to get more active and engaged socially with their peers.

There are many benefits of exercise for children, such as:

  • Improves their fitness

  • Opportunity for them to socialize

  • Increases their concentration

  • Improves their academic scores

  • Builds stronger heart, bones and muscles

  • Improves their Self Esteem

  • Encourages healthy growth & development

With our world moving online more and more, one of the best ways to get kids to be more active is to limit the amount of time spent in sedentary activities like watching TV or any other screens.

Some recommended timeframes according to the American academy of Paediatrician's are:

  • 1 Hour per day for 2-5 years old's on Ipads/ Tv's or mobile phones

  • Choose high quality programmes to watch with kids to help their understanding of the world.

  • Turn off screens during meal time, also helps to build a strong trust and friendship.

  • Kids and Teens from 6-17 years of age should exercise for a min of 60 min per day or engage in active play to keep moving.

  • Any school kids should aim to not be inactive for longer than 2 hours at a time

Best Tips to raise fit kids:

  1. Help kids to engage in a variety of age appropriate activities

  2. Make being active a part of everyday life, eg take stairs instead of the elevator

  3. Embrace a healthier lifestyle yourself, lead by example.

  4. Be active together as a family.

  5. Keep it fun so kids want to come back for more

What motivates kids to be more active?

  • Choose the right activities for your child's age, so they don't become bored or frustrated

  • There are four types of exercise: endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility.

  • Give kids plenty of opportunity to get active, eg. provide equipment , sign up for classes, take them to the playground

  • Keep the focus on fun, fun, fun! Kids will not do something they don't enjoy.

Whatever your child's physical fitness levels, all kids can be physically fit. A parents positive attitude will go a long way to help those kids that are reluctant to exercise...

Get in touch with the team at Cascade Learning to see what After School Activities we will soon be offering that your child may like in order to help them to start their journey back to the joy of being active again!

We look forward to hearing from you...

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