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Face your fears to live more fully!

After recently attending the Tony Robbins event in the Coca-Cola arena in Dubai, one of the speakers that was so inspiring was Nick Vujicic.

He talked about Fear and how to be courageous. For those of you who don’t know Nick, he was born without arms or legs and only has a small foot to help him with his daily tasks. His story of overcoming adversity by facing his fears and living a life filled with love and courage is beyond inspiring, his energy and humor is contagious! 

Nick talked about the importance of understanding our fear but not being a victim to it, rather using it as the fuel to achieve our dreams. He started by reminding us of the analogy that FEAR stands for; False Evidence Appearing Real and that the way to combat fear is with courage remembering that there is a Rational and an Irrational Fear. 

He emphasized how important it is to figure things out and make it happen. Too often many of us wait for things or life to happen but we need to take action on our dreams and what lights our spark ⚡️ remembering to have FAITH; Full Assurance In The Heart ❤️. 

Nick emphasized to us that after all his challenges that he faced or is facing he chose to rather use his resources, his brain and his little foot and to look at his potential and nurture what he had available. He spoke so strongly about not giving up on yourself, to start with a vision, believing in it with everything you have! 

Purpose instigates Courage, know WHAT you are doing and WHY you are doing it and then TRY it- take action! 

Remember those who have less than you and practice gratefulness daily. 

Love has no limits, no boundaries! 

Be resourceful, figure it out and become a master of leverage! 

Ask yourself: 

Who am I? 

What do I have? 

What do I need to do daily (small steps) to get what I need? 

One key point that really resonated with me was when he said “Be You to the best of your ability, dream big and be your True best self. Believe in yourself so you can reach the unimaginable!” 

Cascade Community is so passionate about helping children to believe in themselves so that they can reach and achieve their truest potential and live the life of their dreams with a fulfilled and happy heart. 

It was inspiring to be reminded that so many of us want the same things and together we can create a life filled with courage and abundance ! 

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