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The Golden Fleece Production – Monday 25th March 8.45 am

This term the children have been developing their English skills by practising for our end of term production ‘The Golden Fleece’ which is set in Ancient Greece. They are looking forward to welcoming their parents to see their performance which will be be followed by coffee and a chat.

Studies, such as the report from the Arts Education Partnership, suggest children exposed to drama, music and dance become more proficient in their reading, writing, maths and problem solving.

One of the most obvious benefits of performing arts is the development of skills in self presentation and communication. Participation in the arts allows children to grow their self esteem and self-confidence, develop poise, learn to overcome anxieties, interact socially and cooperate.

Each child is unique and helping each one to find their voice is of utmost importance to us at Cascade. We strive for each child who walks through our doors to be the best person that they can be, hold their head up high and be proud of themselves.

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