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Cascade Learning Centre MakerSpace

The Cascade Summer Camp started off with a focus on making friends, and getting to know each other. Our makerspace is full of supplies and tools and enables us to attack our learning in a really individual way. We combine the concepts of project-

Some of the learning experiences we had this week were:

Cascade Learning Centre Self Portraits

Painting a self portrait:

We used the water colour paints. The trick here is to use water colour paper, as this really helps the paint to seep. The students were encouraged to really look into a mirror and note their own features. The teacher's role is to encourage and support them to really fill in the whole page. Many children will stop before they have really finished, or they will work for too long a picture until their image is all gone. With support and encouragement a child can really create a picture they feel really proud of.

Once the water colour paints are dry the students were given permanent markers and asked to outline some of the key features. This really helps the pictures to pop!

It's always important art work is framed well and the 'artists' name is added to the bottom. Finally the work needs to be displayed and honored to really help a child feel pride in their achievement.

Makerspace:  Woodwork

Creating models of ourselves

These were created in Makerspace using a combination of our low grade tools. Two of our students learnt a new skills by using the hammer and nails to create wooden people. They then learnt how to use the hot glue gun and glued on glass mosaic tiles. Next they drew their facial features. Finally they got onto the sewing machine and designed clothes for their models.

By the end of the week each wooden doll had a full set of clothes. But more than the final product, they had learnt a whole new set of skills and took great pride in their achievement. This was learning in action. We noticed how the students had to work in the face of frustration at times, when some of their ideas didn't work! They also had to face many problem solving challenges and learn how to ask for help. It was amazing to see these raw supplies come to life in the form of dolls!

Makerspace:  Learning to sew on a machine

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