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Magikats learning from the heart

The Cascade Morning Enrichment Programme caters to children aged 6 - 12 years old and follows the British Curriculum (English and Wales) using a variety of exceptional programmes and resources to meet the differing needs of our students.   

Students work in two small groups:  6 - 8 year olds  and 9 - 12 year olds, also coming together for break times and full centre activity sessions.

The day starts at 8:00 and ends at 2:00 and follows the average Dubai school year calendar.  Some students attend for a few days per week, others for a full week.  Some also attend for shorter days if needed.


Cascade is a KHDA approved learning centre where children learn together with highly experienced and qualified teachers in a safe and fun learning environment.  Students focus on maths and English enrichment each day, and participate in relevant, self selected projects and STEAM activites covering the other traditional school subjects in an integrated way.  We provide a calm, well structured, creative and activity based learning environment.  Cascade is a community centre and each of our families becomes part of our learning experience.  We work together as a team ensuring your child finds success with their learning and experiences.


We believe we offer a highly unique experience for students and families in Dubai and invite you to come and see for yourself.  We are the centre with heart and we are sure you will 'feel' this as soon as you arrive through the door. 


The Cascade morning enrichment programme focuses on:

  • Learning the academic subjects in an experiential, play based, hands on way

  • Working in small groups

  • Matching the needs of learning to a child's level and filling in their learning gaps to a mastery level before moving on to new learning.

  • Matching the students learning style to their mode of learning

  • Creativity, learning the arts in a natural setting

  • Matching learning to real life skills such as:cooking, gardening, shopping, building

  • The social and emotional needs of each individual child teaching these skills directly.

  • Learning the skills of Mindfulness

  • Building 21st century skills

  • Providing an individualised programme meeting the needs of each child.

  • Focusing on being part of a community.  Working within the wider community

  • Focusing on being sustainable and environmentally aware.

A typical day consists of:

8 - 9.30:  Outside play, PE and circle time with the focus on social and emotional skill  building.  We begin each day with Mindfulness and yoga.

9.30-10.15:  Maths/English Enrichment.

10.15-10:45:  Break

10:45 - 11:30:  Maths/English Enrichment

11:30 - 12:00:  Drama, dance

12:00 - 12:45:  Lunch

12:45 - 1:45 :  Makerspace:  music/IT/STEAM

1:45 - 2:15:  Community time:  reading, singing, sharing, review of the day.

Learning from the heart
Learning from the heart
Learning from the heart

Our approach to learning:

Our approach is student led and teacher supported. Those enrolled in the full day programme will:

  • Develop their reading, writing and mathematical skills until they are reaching their own potential.  We focus on fostering a love of reading and a love of learning.  We create a programme to meet the needs of each student with these core skills.

  • Learn how to knit along with others crafts and art projects:  Knitting is a fantastic skill for hand eye co-ordination, small muscle skills, focus and concentration, creativity and a loving Mindfulness skill.

  • Know what their learning style is and how to adapt any learning experience to match their style.

  • Be working on a project that matches their own passion and choice.

  • Be working on a group project to work on the skills of collaboration.

  • Be working on a community focused project as a centre.

  • Learn the skills of Mindfulness.

  • Develop their STEAM skills:  Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths

  • Focus on developing their 21st century skills


Is Cascade registered with the KHDA?

Cascade is a KHDA approved learning centre where children learn together with highly experienced and qualified teachers in a safe and fun learning environment.The students who attend this programme are not currently registered in mainstream schools in Dubai and are considered homeschoolers in the system.    Students who attend Cascade can seek 'special approval' from the KHDA if they want to return to a mainstream school.


Cascade morning enrichment programmes caters to children:

  • whose families are seeking a progressive, innovative, activity based learning model.

  • who need a more individual approach and who are not able to learn at the rate and pace of a mainstream school classroom.

  • who have gaps in their learning and are not coping with the academic level in a traditional school.

  • need a more ‘hands on’, ‘experiential’ and activity based programme.

  • who are struggling either academically, emotionally or socially in the mainstream system and need a smaller, more individually focused and nurturing environment to learn.

  • are emotionally disconnected from learning

  • continue to need support with executive functioning skills such as:planning, organisation, emotional regulation.

  • are not ‘fitting in’ to the traditional school setting

  • are seeking a small class size 

  • whose learning style is not being catered for in the mainstream system due to attention issues, or sensory issues and a smaller, more nurturing, individually based learning environment is needed.

  • are transitioning from one another country where the school starting age is 7 would be supported to become ‘school ready’.

  • who are arriving in Dubai mid year from another education system which operates a different school year, who are seeking to attend somewhere short term before starting school in September.

  • who want to learn through play

  • need a slower pace to their school day

  • are currently in a homeschool model and approach

  • Students who are on a waiting list to attend a school or students who cannot find a school place.

  • Students whose families cannot afford the fees in a larger international school.

  • Students who are struggling learning English and need additional support to gain the confidence before attending a larger school.

  • Students whose parents feel they are ‘not ready’ for the next key stage, such as Yr 1 (beginning Key Stage 2) or Yr 7 (beginning Key Stage 3).


Is this programme right for my child?  Can I come for a visit? 

If you feel your child has one of the above needs please do phone or email us and one of our team will support you to learn more about this programme and make an appointment for you to meet one of our teachers.

We recommend you come to the centre and meet with our teachers. In this first meeting you could see our centre, meet our staff and share what your child's needs are.   Our teachers will be able to assess whether our programme would be able to meet your child's needs.  We can only offer a place to students whose needs we believe we can meet, and its important we all make this decision together. 

Following on from this meeting if we believe our programme could cater to your child's needs we recommend your child comes for a visit and attends a few hours of our programme.  This is ideal over several days to ensure they are experiencing the different elements.  It is important your child feels connected to our centre. 


If after this process your family feels you would like your child to attend, we invite you to complete our registration form. 

Following on from this we would formally offer your child a place on our programme subject to availability.

We can then assess when is the ideal starting time for your child and begin to create a transition programme for them.  Some students start on shorter days or weeks in the beginning, others prefer parental support to settle in, we support each of our students needs 


Your child's teacher would then meet with you to begin to create your child's individiual learning goals and plan. When your child was settled we would begin assessments to ensure they are able to work at their own rate, pace and level.

Learning from the heart

How much does this programme cost?

We are working to keep our programme as cost effective as possible for families.  Please contact us for more details.

Robinson argues for an end to the outmoded, industrial systems of mass schooling and proposes a highly personalized, organic approach that draws on today's unprecedented technological and professional resources to engage all students and develop their individual abilities and love of learning.


(2015 Creative Schools: Revolutionizing Education from the Ground Up by Ken Robinson)

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