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How Cascade Learning Centre supports homeschooling families in Dubai

  • A different learning environment:  Your child may still need the structure of going to a place other than their home to learn.  This routine is helpful for children who are seeking to integrate back into a school. Our environment is child friendly, focused on learning through play and activity and also we have a fantastic outdoor grass area, lake and several playgrounds which our children play on with their classmates.

  • Learning in a group:  Our children also learn together in a group, so they have the social experience still of learning with others and one of our major goals is to focus on social and emotional development.  Some families find that homeschooling can be isolating until they have found a community of other families to learn within, so we can provide this.

  • Trained and experienced teachers:   Our teachers support your child’s learning goals and provide learning programmes that fit their needs. 

  • Materials and resources:  Cascade also provides lots of opportunity for learning though doing, which gets messy and requires the use of a lot of different resources which can be limiting for some parents in their own home.  Our makerspace is all set up for children to creatively create and construct in.  We are also developing our own library and have practical hands on resources to help learning be more meaningful.


Can children get back into a Dubai school if they have been homeschooled?

Parents become anxious about ‘taking their children out of the system’ believing there are no options here in Dubai and believing that they will never be able to get them back into a school again if they choose.

Cascade is a KHDA licensed learning centre and each of our programmes is approved to be run by the KHDA.We work closely with several schools in Dubai to ensure our students will be ready to join back into a mainstream school if that is what their parents are seeking.We support families to re-enter the school system after they have attended Cascade Learning Centre and have many successful stories now from students who have attended Cascade for a term or more and integrated back into a mainstream school or started with us and are now ready to attend a mainstream school for the first time.Again, some of our students stay with us the year round, as Cascade is able to provide all of their learning needs.


What are the programmes available to homeschoolers in Dubai at Cascade?

At Cascade we have become a hub for families who want their children to learn outside of the mainstream traditional school system for a variety of reasons.  We support families to meet the needs of their children, whether these are social, emotional or academic needs. 

At Cascade Learning Centre we run a programme during the morning for elementary school aged children who are not attending a traditional mainstream school.This programme is run in a group with other children, with qualified teachers, in a KHDA approved learning centre.

Learn more about our morning enrichment programme.This programme runs from 8:00 – 2:00 each day and children can attend 2 – 5 days per week based on their needs.


We use a variety of resources and programmes to teach with based on how each child learns and can match these to the English/Wales Curriculum learning outcomes where possible.Children learn in small multi-age groups.We have specific English and Maths sessions each day and integrate all other subjects into a project based approach to learning.


We also offer an afternoon club to children who want to stay from 2:00 – 6:00 as well as additional maths/English tutoring classes for those wanting these in the afternoons or on a Saturday morning.Our holiday camps also run during the Dubai school holidays, which are attended by children who attend mainstream schools as well as our own morning and afternoon programme children.


Building a community of like minded people.

We also bring homeschooling families together so that they can connect with like minded parents.  Our teachers are also passionate and experienced with supporting families who have been struggling with 'the system' and we always enjoying the opportunity to meet with others who share a vision for helping all children succeed.


Please do phone and book an appointment to come in and see our centre, meet our teachers and
learn the ways we can support your children.

Robinson argues for an end to the outmoded, industrial systems of mass schooling and proposes a highly personalized, organic approach that draws on today's unprecedented technological and professional resources to engage all students and develop their individual abilities and love of learning.


(2015 Creative Schools: Revolutionizing Education from the Ground Up by Ken Robinson)

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Homeschooling in Dubai

What does Homeschooling mean in Dubai?

When the term ‘homeschooling’ is often used in Dubai it tends to mean children who are not attending a traditional mainstream school.  But within the Dubai homeschooling community there is a variety of loosely used definitions of the term homeschooling these include:

  • For the pure at heart:  children who are educated at home and taught by their parents.

  • Other families work in co-ops of like minded families and may even employ a teacher to work with the children.

  • Other children work some time with parents and some time with tutors.

  • Some attend learning centres or other learning programmes, such as Cascade Learning Centre.

What are my options? Do I have to teach my own child? 

At Cascade we are able to provide families an alternative option to parents teaching their own children at home, and yet still not attend a mainstream school.  The reasons some parents choose this option is: