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Why should I choose Cascade Holiday Camp? 

This is our fifth year running camps. Our experienced and professional team along with our safe and secure learning environment offer parents the perfect place to send their children.  Our learning centre operates all year round and we pride ourselves on setting up learning experiences that children enjoy and want to come back to do each day.  Your children will keep with up with their maths and English skills while also being active, busy, creative and developing their social and emotional skills.  Each year we add new activities to ensure our children are growing and learning and this year our new Makerspace offers an exciting place to invent, tinker, try coding, robotics and learn to use circuits and more.  Learn more about our Makerspace.

What will Cascade Holiday Camp be like for my child?

Cascade is an educational camp but with a twist!  The twist is that we offer children a model of learning that they always wanted.  It will keep your children busy and learning, but in a way that is free, active and exciting.  It will offer a loving and calm environment with a focus on building firm friendships in a place you feel you are part of and belong to.  Each child will feel special and seen and appreciated and part of the Cascade family.  They will have choices about what they want to do and learn, and be guided and supported to increase their skills. 

It is our aim that they will go home at the end of each day feeling they have really achieved something, and wanting to come back the next day.  Each day we will ensure they know what is coming tomorrow and they will WANT to come back to be a part of it.  They would rather be coming to Cascade each day than staying at home! 

Every summer camp offers fun.  Ours offers high levels of fun but also purpose, meaning and high educational goals. 

Who comes to Cascade Holiday Camps?

Our camps are well loved by families whose children come back year after year.  Many children will join us for the fourth year in a row.  Some of the children attend our morning enrichment programme (which they attend instead of a traditional school year round), others attend our afterschool tutoring programme and others will join us for the first time this year.  We are so proud to the summer camp where firm friendships are made! Its also a perfect camp for friends to attend together.  We often have siblings attend Cascade, so recommend this camp for all your children.


Each year we ensure we retain our Cascade magic, which is the loving, 'at home' feeling some of our children are seeking, but we also try to add in some new magic each year.  So we can promise there will be memories of old and new experiences too! 

Fun Fun Fun
Creative Learning
How many children attend and how often do they come for?

Each day we welcome between 15 and 35 children to our summer camp.  Depending on the number of children attending we have from 2 to 4 staff present to ensure our ratio is at least one teacher to 10 children.  Many of our weeks are popular so we do recommend you register early. 

We recommend your child attends for a week to ensure they gain the deeper learning on each theme, but equally so they get to experience as many of our fun learning experiences as possible.   You can also come for individual days if that is more suitable for you family.  As we change our theme and some of learning experiences each week our camp is ideal for families seeking a camp for the whole summer, or one to be had over several weeks.

What does my child need to bring each day?

Please bring a healthy snack, lunch and a water bottle each day.  We also recommend your child wears clothes they can be active in and also ones they don't mind getting dirty!  When the weather permits we also take the children who'd like for a walk around the lake and an outside play.  Please bring a sunhut and come with your sunscreen on to enjoy this. 

What kind of learning experiences happen on the camp?

Each day we focus on building your child's social and emotional skills.  This happens via our morning circle time where we also include the skills of Mindfulness.  We know that when children are social and emotionally secure they are ready to learn so we continue to foucs on these skills throughout the day during our programme.

Our day also includes maths and english enrichment.  We do an assessment with your child to ensure they are working at the right level for them, and each day we focus on increasing their skills to ensure they continue to make progress even during the holidays. 

Our hall is a fantastic space for children to let off their energy and we find they love the variety of indoor games (such as dodge ball) we play.  This space also comes alive with dance and drama as they children freely express their creative sides.  The talent show is a firm favourite at Cascade and many children really increase their confidence by freely performing in front of and with others.

This year we have added a Makerspace to our programme.  This space is full of arts and craft as well as construction equipment and low grade tools for our makers and tinkers to create whatever they desire! While in this space children will develop their design thinking and get in touch with their creative sides.  During the camp we will be adding more science, engineering and construction tools for a true STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) experiences.  Learn more about our Makerspace!

How do I register?

We look forward to your child joining us this summer.  As our spaces are limited it is essential that you register as soon as possible.

Step 1:  Fill in the form below or phone or email us to register your interest and ask any questions you have. 

Step 2:  Come to the centre to fill in the registration form and book the week/s your children will attend

Step 3:  Pay for your child's place in advance.  Your booking is only secure once payment has been received.  We accept cash, credit cards and   


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