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Maths and English Skills Development Programme


Our MEP Maths and English skills development programme is designed for children from 4 to 16 years of age and incorporates a variety of resources to help build a solid foundation for abstract thinking. The friendly learning environment offers individual programmes and support, promoting confidence and love of learning.

Students attend a weekly workshop for extension and consolidation or extra help. They work individually or in small groups using a combination of games, pencil on paper and practical activities. The workshops are the heart of our programme and are planned to give each individual the maximum benefit through a range of approaches.
In addition to the workshops a small amount of homework is set to give practice at home and to fill gaps in core skills.


Structured preparation is also available for all upcoming exams.

We offer small group sessions for up to 6 children as well as personalised one on one sessions.

Each session is 45 mins. Each group runs for one term. 

Children can attend a 45 min Maths session followed by a 45 min English session or they can attend a 45min session in either Maths or English. 

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