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Afternoon Learning Clubs

Afterschool Club:  Exploration Club

2:00 – 6:00pm Sunday to Thursday for 4 – 12 year olds. 

Children who are part of our afterschool club can also attend our morning enrichment programme if their school is closed for the day. 


There are 20 spaces available each afternoon and children can attend for between 1- 4 hours from Sunday to Thursday.  We provide a ratio of one adult for every 10 children.  Children must be enrolled for one term, however if places are available short term places can be made available.

Cascade offers an afterschool club for children who do not want to attend a structured programme, but instead play freely, rest and enjoy being with friends in a safe, supportive and caring environment afterschool.    Each afternoon we welcome children straight from school and allow them to create their own learning programme.  They can choose to play freely in the different zones within our learning centre such as the Makerspace Zone, the construction Zone, the arts and crafts Zone, the board games Zones, the IT lab, the Indoor games Zone, the chill out zone, or the homework Zone. 

Our learning centre is set up to ignite project based learning and support social and emotional skill building.  We allow children to play freely and direct their own play but with purpose.  We also encourage them to relax, rest and unwind from their busy day.

When children arrive our staff ask them if they want to eat a snack, have a rest, or share their day with a caring adult.  Then we ask if you child has any homework that needs to be completed that afternoon and our staff member works out with your child how long that will take.  Our staff support your child to choose their learning experiences, or play freely while also ensuring their homework is completed.  We have screens in Cascade in our IT lab but our staff ensures your child balances their time on the computers/I-pads with active and creative activities. 


Each afternoon we set up a variety of learning activities that children can choose to do and move freely from.  As the weather cools down one of our staff takes groups of children to the park with our outdoor learning equipment such as balls, bats, hoops, scooters and skateboards.  Our park has a great playground with a zip line which is very popular!   

The aim of this programme is to ‘teach’ children how to play (if they have forgotten!) and support them with their social and emotional skill development. 

Who is the afterschool club suitable for?

This club is set up for parents who are seeking a peaceful, playful learning environment for their children after a busy day at school.   Children can come straight from school and enjoy a free, playful environment where they get to make their own choices (as they would want to at home!). 

Currently parents who cannot be home with their children after school have the option of setting up structure afterschool classes or having a nanny at home for their children.  The trouble is that children can be too tired to attend a class each afternoon which is teacher directed, and may seek a quiet more calm experience.