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About Us

Cascade is the learning centre with a heart!

It is in Dubai, UAE and is for 6 – 16 year olds.  Cascade aims to help all students develop their academic, social or emotional needs and also assists home school families. We strive to be the point of difference for families seeking an alternative learning environment for their children.



We run four programmes. 


A morning enrichment programme, where students focus on maths and English enrichment each day, and participate in relevant, self-selected projects in an integrated way. 


An afternoon MagiKats maths and English skills development programme either one on one or in small groups. 


An afterschool/homework club, for children who want to play freely, rest and enjoy being with friends in a safe, supportive and caring environment afterschool.


holiday camp programme during Dubai school holidays.  Children keep with up with their maths and English skills while also being active, busy, creative and developing their social and emotional skills.

We provide a calm, well structured, creative and activity based learning environment which ignites project based learning.  We believe we offer a highly unique experience for students and families in Dubai and invite you to come and see for yourself. 



We strive to be the point of difference for families seeking an alternative learning environment for their children.  Learning in a centre opens the doors for children who have needs that differ to a mainstream environment.

By listening to the student and parent groups in our community and following the latest in educational research, we have developed programmes that align with what our community asked for. 


At Cascade Learning Centre you will find programmes that match what our community needs.

Our community asked for:

  • A slower pace and less pressured learning environment.

  • The needs of their children who ‘learn differently’ to be catered for.

  • Teachers who respond to the way children learn differently.

  • Teachers who are respectful and emotionally connected to the children.

  • A learning environment without punitive consequences.

  • A learning environment which is calm, peaceful, less structured and more focused

     on learning for the future and real world.

  • A focus on social and emotional skills with a high level of support.

  • Children to be able to work at their own rate and pace.

  • A strong focus on academic rigour, combined with fun, practical and active learning.

  • No uniforms!

  • A shorter day and later start time.

  • No compulsory homework.

  • A community approach where parents and families join in the learning.

  • An environment catering to the needs of globally nomadic families.

  • A community connected to and part of the local community.

  • A personalised, individual approach for each child.

  • Small class sizes.

  • Learning through doing, playing, being active, experimenting.

  • Incorporating the best practices as research suggests.  Linking practice to research.

  • An strong focus on creativity and the arts.

  • A link to nature, learning in and being outdoors.

  • Learning life skills:  cooking, gardening, shopping.

  • 21 century skills focus:  collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking.

  • Removing the stress and pressure and toxic stress common to many traditional schools.

  • Less assessment and testing.

  • Assessment that drives the education.

  • The focus to be children who become passionate about learning and become life long


Learn more about the Cascade team

If this aligns with your needs for your child, please come and see Cascade for yourself.  We would love to share Cascade with you and have your family become part of our like minded community!

Currently we provide this via our:

Morning Enrichment Programme

After School Tutoring Programme

After School Clubs

Holiday Camps


We are planning on adding programmes for:

13 – 15 year olds in 2018

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